Bounty of the Understory

Provided for participants of my presentation ‘Bounty of the Understory’

BOUNTY‘: Middle English (denoting goodness or generosity): from Old French bonte ‘goodness’, from Latin bonitas, from bonus ‘good’. The sense ‘monetary reward’ dates from the early 18th century.

Plants covered in order during the presentation:
Representing other habitats not covered in this presentation:
Bog Cranberry: Vaccinium oxycoccos (Fens & Bogs)
Blue Camas: Camassia quamash (Prairie & Meadow)
Wapato: Sagitarria latifolia (Wetlands/Ponds)

Key ‘Bounty of the Understory’ (Plants of the westside lowland forest)
In order during presentation:
Western Redcedar
Western Yew
Western Hemlock
Bigleaf Maple
Red Alder
Beaked Hazelnut

Bitter Cherry
Mushrooms: Chicken of the Woods, Oyster, Chanterelle
Shelf fungus- Reishi, Turkeytail
Lichens- Usnea, Lungwort, Staghorn
Poison Hemlock Conium maculatum (non native)
Siberian Miners Lettuce, California Miners Lettuce
Horsetail- Common and Great/Giant

Bracken Fern
Lady Fern
Licorice Fern
Red Elder
Tall Oregon Grape, Cascade Oregon Grape

Evergreen Huckleberry
Red Huckleberry
Baneberry Actea rubra
Devil’s Club

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