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  Finding osha in the Cascades
Finding Osha at the Pass- July 2008

Passing on the Knowledge 

There is ancient knowledge in every place. Some of us are driven to find and keep this wisdom alive for the future generations. You are likely reading these words because you are one of these people. We seek this knowledge in a world that is deeply troubled by loss of culture and natural habitat. I believe that it is in keeping this knowledge present that we can be a part of the future solution.

Knowledge about native plants and their uses have been gifted to me in many ways; in the way I live my life, the people I surround myself with, the places I have traveled to, and in constant search for traces of the ancestors that have gone before us. It has been my work for the last 18 years to pass this knowledge on to those who care to learn through writings, workshops, presentations, classroom programs, curriculum development and more.

This website is intended as a way to share with you what I am currently working on, and to offer ways that you can participate; through workshops, publications, education materials, apprenticeships and internships, and other resources. It is always my desire that people gain this knowledge through their hands, and by bringing it into their daily lives. I welcome your participation. 

This website is an ongoing effort, please excuse any faults as you navigate and accept my apologies!