Heidi Bohan
Native Plants, Pacific Northwest Ethnobotany, Traditional Knowledge
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Gatherer to Gardener Programs 2014
2015 Retrospective
2016 Class Photo Collections

Basketry class outdoor class
family cedar bark basket
Calendula beer prep
Stossel excursion
Bow making with Bill McConnell
nuts class
fireweed Rytz

Bastyr University- Northwest Herbs Class

 These images show students working on a variety of ethnobotany projects. Students research and select a project then gain skills, such as carving, basketry, cordage making, traditional foods and more. To learn more: Ode to Cedar- Bastyr Northwest Herbs course

Carving platters from red alder and red cedar.


bows and staffs

Finished cedar bark basket, platter and
 medicine pouch.

Native Arts & Cultural Center Programs- 1994- Current

The Haida House Studio- which I used for 4 years (1994-1998) as artist-in-resident with Ralph Bennett, Haida carver and storyteller, and husband of 7 years. This is where I began my first classes in ethnobotany, basketry, woodcarving and more.


Back to the Land in the 70's

The 'Wilderness Summer Kitchen' where I lived for 3 years living about 7 miles from a main road, in houses we made from redwood bark and planks, cooking over open fires, getting water and bathing in our dammed creek and eating food we grew, wild harvested or traded. One of my first woodworking projects was the pantry shelves you can see on the right made from peeled tan oak and redwood planks we split by hand.